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Connect H5P exercises

Create more complete exercises by combining multiple h5p into a single object: a versatile learning object. This way we take h5p exercises to another level!

Conditional redirection

Use conditional redirections to create custom learning paths. If the answer to an exercise is correct go in one direction, if is wrong go to another. Each person learn in a different way!

xAPI ready

Track the learning path and the results with the industry standard xAPI statements. All H5P xAPI events are tracked in our LRS as well as some extra ones related to the user learning path.

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Learning GPS: with BeLearner, create and broadcast interactive, personalized courses! This is a new media that allows you to easily create customized learning sequences. Completely adaptive, you progress step by step in a training course that adjusts as you progress. With its unique concept, you can assemble any type of content (texts, videos, images, sounds, documents) to make an individualized itinerary, then add questions, quizzes, comments or annotations. Your students or trainees will then be guided according to their answers, level or choice.Once you have completed your course, you manage your groups and follow the learners' results in real time. For example, BeLearner allows you to create an enriched, personalized and enhanced Mooc, or to work efficiently in a reverse classroom. Winner of the Grand Prize for Educational Technologies in 2015, e-inclusion label, BeLearner is used on 5 territories in France to fight against school drop out with personalized sequences online. It is a recognized tool to facilitate the personalization of learning and pedagogical differentiation.For companies, training organizations and the Employment public service, BeLearner is used for skills development and professional repositioning.

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